Here’s a list of conjectures about Wikipedia compiled from different sources or suggested by myself or friends.

Here’s some terminology that I used:

  • Page A has an edge to Page B IFF there’s a hyperlink on Page A to Page B.
  • Connected is used in the Graph Theory sense of the word, as in it has exactly one component. (Yes, I consider empty graph to be not connected.)

  1. Wikipedia, if represented as a directed graph, is a connected graph.
  2. Go to a random page. Click on the first link on the page that is non-italicized and not inside parantheses. Continue doing this and you will end up on the “Philosopy” page. [source: xkcd]
  3. Once you are on the Philosophy page, and you continue clicking the first link on each page as described above, you will come back to the Philosophy page. [source: xkcd]